Our Mission:

To create a fun and memorable birthday experience for children that reside in homeless and domestic violence shelters.

Smiles Made

Give a Child a Memorable Birthday With Us

Most of us grew up having birthday parties with our family and friends. Some of us even regard this time as one the happiest and most memorable moments in our childhood. Unfortunately, many children that reside in homeless or domestic violence shelters are unable to celebrate their birthday with their family and friends. The shelter or the parent is not able to provide the resources because the child’s special day is not considered a necessity.

























































Birthday Memory Choices

We offer different birthday memory options based on what the child prefers.
All of our options include a Build-a-Bear® or a gift card to various retailers or restaurants for the birthday child.


We will provide decorations and a gift card for a cake, ice cream, and juice when volunteers are unable to host a party at the shelter or if the parent prefers to provide the party for the child.

Birthday Party

This complete celebration package includes a hosted birthday party for one child or all of the children in the shelter that have a birthday in a specific month. It includes the following: cake/cupcakes, ice cream, juice, decorations, treat bags, toys, activities, and entertainment.


We will provide cupcakes for the child to share with his/her classmates on their birthday. The child is told the cupcakes are from their parent. This allows the parent to receive the credit for the great birthday memory.

Ongoing Sponsorships