What shelters are saying about us…

To Whom it May Concern,
I’m writing to express my support of Rolanda and her “It’s Your Birthday” program. I work at a transitional housing for women and children escaping domestic violence. These families have lost everything in their escape. The children may have witnessed traumatic events and have been uprooted from their homes and are now living in poverty.

Rolanda comes once a month to spread joy and a feeling of being special to the children at our shelter. They look forward to her visits eagerly. She decorates our dining hall and brings treats and gifts for all the kids. It is an hour filled with laughter and twinkling eyes of children of all ages. She does a wonderful job making the day special and helping the kids forget their troubles. Her warmth and generosity are felt by everyone.

Her program “It’s Your Birthday” is one of the nicest I have seen and is definitely noteworthy.


Everyone is always so excited to see that we will be having a birthday party! Rolanda and her team of volunteers arrive with every single detail of a party necessary for success. She brings decorations, balloons, games, prizes, treats, gifts, cake/cupcakes, ice cream. There is always a fun, interactive activity that is for all ages to participate. These parties give children a REAL authentic birthday party, like the ones you would have at home. Our residents are not allowed to have guests due to our confidentiality and confidential location. Rolanda allows children to share their birthday with friends and family often times for the first time ever. Thank you Rolanda and your team!


The Birthday Lady brings such smiles and joy to the children faces when she comes. She is so patient creative and very reliable. She ask questions and is sure to meet the needs of the children and their parent. I think what she is doing is awesome and I hope she continues to do so.

Jessica M.

Hello. I would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude regarding “It’s Your Birthday” program. Rolanda’s (She doesn’t know this, but we call her “The Birthday Queen”) birthday program is more than just a program. This program makes birthdays come to life. Thanks to Rolanda, birthdays are exciting, memorable, and sentimental. The children in our program have experienced domestic violence in some form. Rolanda, “The Birthday Queen” is able to brighten up their day and make all of them feel special. Their eyes light up with joy when they know she is coming. Staff is also extremely excited when she enters our doors. Her kindness and genuine spirit is one of a kind. Rolanda brings an entire fun-filled event with her every time! I feel what she does is more than a duty, but a God given gift. Her creativity, sincere heart, dedication, and hard work can easily be recognized by anyone that attends one of the “It’s Your Birthday” celebrations. I am so impressed with how her birthday celebrations are making such a huge impact on lives. She brings more than fun, games, and gifts. She brings life and hope to the lives of children.